possible animation challenge entry. chopper :D

i think this is called the eurochopper but dont quote me on in, about 6-9 hours maybe most of that taken up playing doom 3, blending in the piriods of time i wasnt going mental with the chainsaw :D. ok down to business.
i intend at this point to use this model for a hellicopter in my animation challenge. not sure how the story is going to go but ill work on it.


You’re getting there, you’re making good progress so far. All you need now is some nitty gritty detail on the chopper’s body. It will be very interesting to see your next installment. :slight_smile:

ok done some more work on it, i think the rest of the body details i can do with bump maps and textures, assides from a little more work on the tail rotor and housing the modeling is done.


Much Better. :smiley: I can see you put a lot of effort in building the rotors. But I feel by adding more detail to the windows, doors and motor housing will make a good investment. Good Work so far.

i was tempted to but i cant find any referances of the heli, i got some blueprints from onnovanbram but assides from that im flying blind. i would do something but im not sure what to do and i dont want to screw it up.

hurry and animate it, we need more entries,…we only have 2 right now! :stuck_out_tongue: also, I posted a helicopter/plane hybrid in this weeks thread, so if you need another model to interact with it’s there.

[email protected], thats onnovanbram site is pretty cool, it has a bit of everything. Got to bookmark that one.

I did find an AS350B2 helicopter at www.helionline.de search under AS350. Here is a side shot, better link it, big picture, http://www.helionline1.de/cgi-bin/ImageFolio31/imageFolio.cgi?img=&search=as350&cat=Aerospatiale&bool=and

Do what you can for now. Learn for next time. Good luck with your competition!

ok here we go one link to my first test animation, tell me what you see, dont worry about textures and things ATM i havent done any assides from the seed and the picture.


this is in an Xvid codec i will have a Divx one soon just bare with me

Nice Da Vince lead in theme. Very Artistic Direction. Helicopter is looking good too.