Possible Anime Face Topology Reference

Today, I decided to take some time off(despite the fact I took a little bit too much already) to post some pictures that could be used a potential anime head/face tutorial in the future. I wanted to make this mesh and simply because I personally am forgetful and can’t actually remember how I did it after I stop using the process for long periods of time.

I also wanted to make a potential tutorial since there has been a large demand for a tutorial like this for a long time. However, I will admit that when I try to make some of my characters in a anime-like style, it tends to fall upon the realistic setting as shown here.

But, as always, I’m looking to find ways to improve on this particular style. On the next post, I will post up three more images on the topology for the anime face I worked on today.


Posted here today, just minutes after the first post, are the images of the topology from the Anime Face that I worked on this morning.

The face was created based on a set of Anime Head Models I found on Blend Swap and Roxas from Kingdom Hearts that I found from another website. This may or may not be the final product on the mesh since I personally feel that it’s missing something essential. However, I will be accepting any possible tips in the process of making an anime character. That includes possible hair tips or anything that push things along.

I personally look forward to your replies and will check back here periodically on the recent posts and potential updates on the tips that I will test out from your advice.

I decided to post these wire renders after banging my brain on if I should continue to extend the edge loops to other parts of the head. Once again, I’m not going any further than the head should I continue.

I’m currently under going repairs to my PC. So I will try and backup my files and post some progress pictures later this week.

Now that my PC is fixed, I was able to take another shot at creating a anime looking face by using a tutorial I found to get the edge loops that I needed.

The face on the left has some resemblenace to the one on the right. However, the face on the right has a tell tale sign that a triangle exists on the face. The face on the left is actually missing that essential curve that is needed for me to get the styling that I wanted. I will post a picture at a later date that will utilize the facial curve on the right and the more effective edgeflow of the left face.

For the past 48 hours, I’ve been looking for a reason why the faces I was modeling didn’t come out the way a anime character should look. Within that same time period, I was looking for any models that has any anime characteristics. I recently found the model last night. I got this model from a Japanese webesite that they were giving it away for free. After I download it, convert it through another program and took some pictures, here is the topology of the model that I captured.

The actual anime face has a certain type of topology that is completely different from the topology that I was studying.
So I will have to go back and create another face using this topology. However, I need to try and find a male anime model like this.

Today, I’m posting here four faces of a model that I have been working on for over a week. Each 3 of the faces shows the topology based on the two other face models I made.

I’m close to my goal but I feel like that it’s missing something important. I don’t have the slightest clue on what that is. So if any one has any ideas on what that is, feel free to drop a comment in this thread.

Not to be a necromancer, but wouldn’t it be nice to post .blend file you converted Japanese model into? :slight_smile:

Very nicely made! However, the eyes look a bit weird. They stare into… your soul…

Sorry… I will burn in hell for this… xD


:slight_smile: But seriously, nice topo. I think I’ll take few clues from it… Especially, if you would be willing to post .blend :slight_smile:

My goal was to create an anime style head that would also be roughly low poly so as to be usable in games. This is what my topology looks like:

While it is a little different than other topology here it works for me and in my opinion make a good looking head.

Eyes need some work, but it looks good.

@@XeroShadow: Can you please post .blend file you converted Japanese mesh into?

what references did you use for the head @vangoule?

Didn’t know that this message thread was still active. Now let me get a couple of things straight. There are certain meshes in this thread that I actually made and some that I didn’t create. Some of the models I posted have originated from kakachiex2’s thread.

The ones that has the color bands around the face are mine.

Now for this model…

Clearly I didn’t make this one. I was only able to use it as part of my studies.

If you want to take a look at the file, here’s the link.


If it doesn’t have that female Japanese model, let me know and I’ll take a look on my PC and search for it.

The file you linked isn’t the sample head (lower image), it’s what you’ve made. Correct?

If so, could you please upload original .blend file with original head from the lower image?

Alright, It took me a couple of minutes for search for the file. Here’s what happened. The bottom picture that I posted from my last post was from a file “technically” didn’t exist due to the fact that I didn’t save it. I was, at the time, viewing the files that kakachiex2 had posted on his thread. Believe me when I say this: I went though every single link that he posted when I was searching for references.

The bottom picture from my last thread was a file that I downloaded and imported into Blender. No conversion needed. SO, instead of going though the trouble and recreate a file of a mesh that already existed, I will post a link to the file instead.

There it is. The file to the picture from my last post in object format.