Possible Blender 2.49a bug

I use Blender 2.49a for Windoze without a full Python installation (just plain Blender)

There is an error message If I try to fill my edge-selection via “F” - hotkey

-> Skin Faces/Edge-Loops
-> Loft 4 edge loops

choose “Segment”

“Python script error: check console”

This is what the console is putting out:

“C:\Programm files\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender\scripts\mesh_skin.py”, line 639, in <module> main<>
“C:\Programm files\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender\scripts\mesh_skin.py”, line 574, in main edgeLoogs.append<vloop, me, closed>>
“C:\Programm files\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender\scripts\mesh_skin.py”, line 98, in init self.centre= reduce<lambda a,b: a+verts[b].co/fac, loop, Vector<>> ImportError: No module named functools

looks like functools.py should be included with python.zip, reduce is being removed from python 3.x

can you report a bug in the tracker?

First I need to register before I can report a bug in the tracker… But what I’ve tested is a Blender 2.49a testbuild from www.graphicall.org with Python 2.5.4 and with this testbuild everything works fine!

It makes sense that it works with python 2.5, I think reduce() is nolonger a builtin in python2.6, it seems that it needs a module for this.

Ey man, you’re right! I added “functools.py” to the Python26.zip in the Blender directory and the “filling faces feature” works now! I don’t know if there are other Python script problems but I will report 'em if I find some more :slight_smile:

Problem solved in the trunk. That will be fixed in the next Blender 2.49 release (2.49b).
Thanks for spotting that.

Lol, 2.49b I guess there will be a few more releases 'til Blender 2.50…

Without a full Python installation the inbuild A.N.T landscape generator also don’t work error message no module named future

Is there a way around this bug before new release? I added functools.py to the python zip file but I get now new error: “module” object has no attribute “reduce”. I took the functools from PortablePython_1.1_py2.5.4. (\App\Lib\functools.py) . I would really need the Skin Faces/Edge-Loops function:p