Possible bug in Blender 2.78 Cycles, smoke&fire simulation

trying to make a fire for a fireplace. On the Physics tab under domain you can tick the smoke adaptive domain and the smoke high resolution. If i tick those two and then go do the Flow tab and back to domain again the tick on those two is gone. Also when ticking “use texture” under Smoke Flow Advance and goes to the domain and then back to Flow, this tick is also gone.

What the heck is going on here ?

Windows 10
16 GB Ram
Nvidia Geforce 760 4gb
Intel i7
Blender 2.78a

What’s the reason you would need to keep changing from Domain to Flow settings for one object, it cannot be both.
If you think you have a bug then just report it to the bug tracker (blender help menu)

This is probably a user error, cause the same happen with older version of blender. The reason for switching is that I need to enable use texture as I said. Going to Texture tab will cause the same “error” , I why should it not be able to switch back and forth? doesnt seem very logical to me. Thanks for your reply Richard

Japp a stupid user mistake. As Richard says, there is no need, or you should not swith on the same object. What I needed to do was switching smoke domain box and emitter to change setting . What a bummer:o