Possible bug in Collections system, 2.8 Jan 10 build, short video description

I made a short video describing either a bug, or a lack of user intelligence on my part, involving the collections system in the 2.8 beta.

What’s happening is, I’m getting a lot of lag and high CPU usage while manipulating a model which has a few modifiers. (mirror, subsurf, shrinkwrap, armature)

Collections, should I think, be decoupling this armature and all the calculations it’s doing, from the other meshes I have hidden, but it’s acting like it’s trying to deform a dozen meshes at once.

If I take just the single model with the shrinkwrap, it’s target mesh, and the armature, and stick it in its own file all by itself, it works fine. But when in the file with the collection of spare jeeps, the performance is pretty much unusable. (I keep copies as I build in case I make mistakes and need to go back)

Less than 3 minute video explaining the issue in better detail;

In any event, I’d like some input as to whether this is a bug or not. If so, I’ll go ahead and report it.

Going once, going twice? I’d really like some input before I report it. Is this just general laggy UI in edit mode issue, or something else you think?