Possible Bug? Light objects not scaling with linked collection instances?

I put a point light inside of a glass lightbulb (turned off multiple importance) and then put those in a collection and then instanced that collection within a Geometry Nodes network and put all of that in a collection. I think linked that collection into another scene.

At 100% scale it behaves like normal. At 200% scale it seems the light objects don’t scale up with the rest of the object and wind up inside of the mesh and no longer contribute to the lighting.

This screenshot is at 200% scale and the lights are inside of the glass:


This screenshot is at 100% scale and the lights are outside of of the glass: image
The light strength is set to over nine thousand.

After more looking around it seems this was an intentional decision. I would like to include real world strength light objects with some of my assets and still be able to scale them up and down a little bit without problems.