Possible bug: VSE segfault with nested layers and "add" filter.

I’ve just submitted this as a bug (link to here )

Basically, I have found that if I nest more than two strips in VSE and apply ADD filder (to merge them) then Blender completely segfaults.

It seemed a pretty stupid crash (surely lots of people would have discovered it by now) and I’m wondering if it affects lots of people or if there is a common workaround.

Attached file should result in the crash, despite the actual footage not being packaged. Just slide the sliderbar through the stacked strips.

Any thoughts?


vse_crash.blend (38.5 KB)

It doesn’t crash here.
I tried loading strips into the VSE the same way you have it set up, and that didn’t crash either.

Could it be a problem with one of the strips ?

Ubuntu 8.10 64 bit.

Hmm. That’s interesting to know.

It crashes on my Ubuntu 8.10 system 32bit, and the same file also crashes in a Mac lab at a school I am tutoring in. If it doesn’t crash on the file I posted, I imagine it won’t crash at all on your system. Just open and slide the green line so as to stop dragging between frames 10 - 64. Once the movie tries to render a frame in this area, even in the preview window, a crash is evident on my system and also the school Mac.

Edit: my sample file currently shows “0 views”… did you try with my download sample?

It rendered frames 9 - 65, no problems, though in only .02 s

I can’t break it. I take it the mac is also 32 bit ?

Mac is…
iMac8,1; 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

…I’m not sure on whether it’s 32 or 64… just one in the lab here.

Interesting that no one reported this as also crashing on their system. Now a confirmed bug due to be corrected in 4.9 Blender release.