Possible bug when when using empty as image?

I’m using empty as image for set up of blueprints for car modeling. When I toggle between solid and wireframe in the viewport strange things happens with the images! Please look at the second image below. Is this a bug or could it be avoided? I’m not using the x-ray option.

Solid mode:

Wireframe mode:

i was able to recreate this, and it does not seem to me like a bug.
im unable to tell how it works, but i think it has something to do with Backface Culling.
however it is very obvious that this is a feature they added.

if it matters a lot, i can investigate further and find out why, and how it works, but to answer your question, No, its not a bug.

looks like a rendering issue (so, kinda like a bug) to me, but odds are they arent going actually fix it directly, the eevee update might fix it though.