Possible bug

I’m blending with a two button mouse these days, until I can replace my nice trackball that gave up its ghost last week, and this has led me to notice a bug in Blender.

It is important to know that I am using the XFree setting Emulate3Buttons, which causes a simultaneous left and right click to register as a middle click.

I do any operation, for example, move some vertices. Then I accidentally control-leftclick and add a vertext to the mesh. But the add vertex operation does not register in the undo list, so if I hit Undo, my move operation is undone.

It seems like that add vertex operation should register in the undo list, but it does not. Is this a bug?

it doesn’t show up in the undo list regardless of your build or os or x configuration

this is a bug

and while we’re talking about undo bugs

if you shift+rmb select 4 verts to make a face, make the face, then undo that, the 4th vert is unselected [yeah, I know it is a minor thing]

as for your both buttons middle mouse button accidently being seen as a control+lmb, could it be that x sends both presses [first the lmb, then the mmb]? I don’t know [never tried], but I figure it could be possible and a good reason why you should use alt+lmb for mmb in blender instead.

Yes, I am using two buttons now, and I don’t screw with XFree’s emulate 3 buttons. I use blender’s one whcich is accesible through the user prefs. ALT+LMB works much better for me. It fits with Blender’s workflow, which is that you have one hand on th e keyboard and one on the mouse.