Possible Compositing Tutorial? Done!--Critique?

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Some people showed interest in my node setup for the lights glow.

Page one of the thread if anyone is interested (Zoomer (Jak and Daxter) + City Environment)

I have provided a screenshot, of the node setup, and i also offered a brief explanation in the following post…

I also I realise that there is another way to use the pass index, without the whole set alpha and alpha over that i used, ( http://www.blendercookie.com/2010/03/09/rendering-a-light-saber/ ) So why did I not do it this way? Well first i forgot the tut existed, and second I have more than one color lights in my scene, so with my way i set the colors through materials, and have this node setup apply the glow to each color. If I used the setup in Jonathan Williamson’s tutorial, i would have to have a bunch of RBG Input Nodes as well as others… So basically my way can be applied to multiple colored objects while his cant, well it can but it would require a load more work.

And there is also Andrew Price with his Wow factor and other amazing tutorials.
(In his tut “Introduction to the Compositor”, he used layers to achieve the glow, while everything can be in one layer using my way)

So why did I just write all this? Well, if enough people want, i can make a video tutorial on creating that glow, if the screenshot is not enough

That said is anyone interested in me making that tutorial?

[EDIT]:Hmm, i just realized this is not a wip in a wip section…whups, sorry.

ME ^^
nice glow effect i always wanted to do something like that but i coudn’t :o

just make it, one more contribute to Blender community :smiley:

Well it’s just i dont want to waste my time in “reinventing the wheel” meaning the are at least 2 tutorials that have similar settings as mine. (cuz i looked at those before creating mine :p)
And i posted a screenshot…
That is why i asked ^^

But yeah i guess the more the better? :slight_smile: We will see i guess… 3 votes so far…

Is there a way to edit polls?
And is there a way to make the results show on this page instead of having to click view results?

I’d like to see a tutorial on that. It looks very useful.

The more the merrier. As they say there is more than one way to glow a light.

Different people do things slightly different and explain things differently as well. You may explain things that make sense to someone who can’t grasp the other tuts. And your way may be easier to adapt to another use or explain a node that can be used in a different place/scenario.

Most tutorials around concentrate on modelling with rigging, texturing and animating following. There is not a lot of tuts for compositing. The wow factor sounds like a great answer to that (hopefully I can afford it one day and know for sure) but in general any help explaining and encouraging the use of compositing is going to help push the quality of the blender communities images to a higher level.

Hmm thats a good point you have there loopy shane

I realised something though.
If I do decide to make it, which at this point i might, should I make it in 2.49 or 2.5?
I still use 2.49, cuz 2.5 is so buggy. For example I have this problem where i cant render more than 2 times cuz it crashes on the second! (using the Alpha 2 version)

I myself would like to make it in 2.5 however i am just not used to the interface and there is the whole bug problem…

So any opinions/suggestions on that?

hey ddd… have u tried downloading a newer build from graphicall?

:o No I did not…
Are they more stable?

There is a bunch too, which one should I get?

They’re beyond comparison :slight_smile:

There can never be too many tutorials so yeah,DO EET! :stuck_out_tongue:

Beyond comparison…so lol which one?
Which ones are from blender institute?

Another thing, i have tried a bunch of video capture software, and while some where better than others, i was never really please with any of them.
That said does anyone know a good video capture software and what codecs would be best that capture in good quality, and give a low sized file?

I currentely have Cam Studio, and front cam.

Go for the highest revision number (from the main branch not the experimental ones) - it has the most recent fixes.

revision number…yeah there are a bunch of numbers…sorry i am not familiar with the naming scheme…can you give a sample name plz?

In the main branch (left side column) select OS and select your operating system, in type select Blender Foundation then click view. The higher the number e.g. r30243 the newer the build. Personally I go for those that are designated Trunk, which I believe have features that have been comitted to the main program branch.

Did you install the lossless codec for CamStudio?

I have CamStudio with the codec and I love it, crisp HD quality every time :smiley:

Cam Studio didnt work for me at all, well it kinda did but…(I had problems with video + audio, then just audio, then all the generated files where corrupted, and so on and so forth) :frowning:
I made a thread in the “Other Software” Section about that http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=191634
And I found a great program that worked really well for me so far (couple of hours). More info on that thread.

Well thanks for all the suggestions and comments
I ended up downloading this release of blender:Trunk Blender 2.5 r30279 WIN32 by cog
I am going to try to make the tut, so ill tell y’all when I am done!

You know you can create a screencast directly in blender 2.5 using Alt+F3. the frames per sec settings are in the user preferences in the System settings. You can then edit in any video editing software such as blender, adding a separate audio track.

Hmm, yeah i heard about that, never really tied it out though, but sometimes one needs to capture more than blender :wink: Oh and hows the quality? Can you choose the compression codecs?

Hey all!
So by popular choice, I have made the Glow tutorial. Now this was my first tutorial, so I would very much like to know how I did. I am not too happy with it myself for some reason, but it may be just my imagination…

So tell me what you think. Is it helpful? Did you learn something from it? Is it Boring, or is it an automatic sleep maker, or was it engaging enough that you don’t fall asleep? Anything else that you want me to improve on next time(if there is a next time). I was actually thinking of redoing it again, but apparently it takes me 40 minutes for the tutorial, so i am a little hesitant. So should I remake it?

Well here is the link, hopefully it is informative! http://www.vimeo.com/13322805

Let me know what your thoughts are!

So…is there really nothing to say about my tut?
I would very much like to improve next time, so any thoughts at all…