(Possible deffered pay) Characters for comic, animation and possible figure printing

Hello! I have kinda a complex request and i may or may not be asking for a little bit much. Thats why im offering a possible little tip after my request is complete (if you do a good job). I looking for one artist to model my 4 (maybe more in the future) characters in which will be used for animation, posters, mainly a comic, and possibly a few figure prints.
Im asking for 4 character models, they must have their clothing overlapped and on a separate layer or object, ontop of just a body. Im not asking them to be rigged, however im asking that the models are prepared to be rigged (including facial rigging).
Although id like them to be uvmapped and textured, they should at least have marked seems.
I will provide a front view sheet of each character, one base ref and one costume ref for each character, plus endless additional art featuring the characters. Im looking for the models to accurately display the artstyle, so if you need any other references for specific parts of specific characters, let me know and ill draw them right up!

To view the said front reference sheet please look here!!!

To apply, comment or send me an email at [email protected]
Thank you :clown_face:

@LikeLikeCreep I’ve sent through an email.