Possible GTA style project

Hello Blender users! Upon returning to the Blender community I’ve come to realize that the game ive been trying to think of developing was right in front of me the entire time.

Im from a town called Stockton.  For some of you on the west coast might be aware, its a notorious city for its violence and crime.  I was playing GTA the other day when it hit me, why not just make a game based off my own home town?  The city isnt too large, and has plenty of room to explore.  

The game would be much easier to make considering the concept art is basically right there on google street view. everything we need is right there. just need to use our talent and make it happen! Since its a large game, we can always start at one point, and add from there. The only problem here though, is that ive lost my touch with Blender. Its been a while, and its a bit more difficult to use the program as it used to be.

I know this isnt much to work with but I see much potential with this idea.

Contact me at [email protected], send me a request, or email me. or, once i get a mic and cam, i can skype.

Im very serious about this. I dont have much free time since i work during the day. I will stay posted and will do whatever i can to help out.

Some talents im looking for, for now at least, are modelers that can replicate from the real thing. If you need, i can also take pictures with my digital camera and upload them (since i live here anyway lol) it wont be that difficult of a task.

Some of you will ask if i have work to show, the answer is no, i dont. only because i dont know where to start. Once i can get a team set up, i can take ideas from the group as to where to start. that way we are all on the same page.

Any feedback or questions dont hesitate to reply! Thanks!

What idea are you talking about? I didnt read nothing solid just a game about your hometown, I think that you need mutch more than that to gather a group.

I wish you luck even hating GTA games, but you need to work a little more on your idea and on your skills in order to start a game.

Good Luck!

Yes I understand. The town is the game though. If your are referring the mechanics of the game, like menus, weapons, missions etc, i can provide little of that as well. I wanted to start from square 1 with the team.

the gameplay itself is just like gta. take gta 3, its more simple than the other ones, but still has countless hours of fun and free roam. its the same concept. wasnt sure if it would be first person or third, but would be the same idea. its difficult to make examples.

hope this helps!

Don’t underrate such a big project!
Make a very structured concept and do everything in little parts!
If there is a good concept and everything is structured, someone else would join your gameproject, too. :wink:

Take a look at my GTA-Styled game “LEGO GTA”.
In the end it was a too big project for one person alone and even there was no real concept/ project plan.
Also it has still some big bugs (e.g. leaving a car causes a spawn into nothing)
In future I have to rebuild everything to get it work, I think.