Possible in Blender?


I’m very new to Blender and I was wondering, is if possible to create photo realistic people with Blender? Every picture that I would want to create (for example):

uses 3ds max, ZBrush and other software that seems to cost about 5 grand. Well, I don’t have that kind of money. Does anyone know if you can draw/model something like this in Blender? I’ve seen some pretty impressive examples so I’m leaning towards you can do this but before I start down this road, I want to know for sure it’s possible.

Thanks again for your time!

It is absolutely possible in Blender. ZBrush, which is only $395 BTW, only makes it easier. Now if we could only get some of ZBrush’s features in Blender…

Well you could always use sculpt mode, but it’s not nearly as good. Seeing as blender is open source, you could code in the features you want and send it back to the blender institute to include in a release.

I myself can’t do this because I cannot code in and way, shape, or form. But anything is possible to model in blender, or any software that does 3d modeling for that matter. If I wanted to model the flying spaghetti monster, I can model the flying spaghetti monster.

Good luck modeling.

Thanks for the info!

There was a contest recently that produced some nice results.

To see some really stunning examples, I’d recommend sifting through some of Maqs posts.

Not wishing to burst your bubble but no matter what software you choose it’ll take you years to develop the skills to produce an image like that.