Possible interest in helping out?...modeling


(Michael Jones) #1

Hello = )

I am seeking another Blender-Buddy who wants to join me for a scifi-short (movie… 5 minutes in length).

The script is already written up to the 4th Episode. the two main characters have been modelled as well as some side characters.


  • Sci-Fi Drama & Action
  • Semi-Realistic (character style wise)

This project is not planned for any commercial matter… more of a “let’s see what happens”-scenario.

Here is how I imagine the perfect Blender-Buddy:

  • likes to model environmental objects (anything non-organic).
  • hates texturing
  • stays at the project for up to 6 months
  • agrees to give permission for non-commercial publication of his work (models which are done and rendered down), or likes to negotiate something.

…extended a little list of things which I still would like to get help with:

  • Wheel-Chair
  • Closet/Locker
  • Interior Walls
  • Light fixtures
  • Flooring (Grills or whatever looks industrial)

further stuff:
I only ever use original artwork (in my case I model and texture everything on this project myself)… so no TurboSquid Assets or equivalent .

Thanks for reading : )

(teamblender3d) #2

Software i use…after effects, adobe premiere and blender… my skill is VFX…2yrs experience in graphic designer and motion graphics in qatar…

(megaoy) #3

private message sent, hope i can be great help to you

(Michael Jones) #4

Thanks guys.

I am still looking for someone to help out…

Here is a more specific detail on an object I would need help with:
Basically what you see in the background (not the landscape stuff), I would like to get walls in that particular style done … with the pipe and cable details : )

If someone likes doing stuff like that, please contact me.
Thank you

One last thing, if I may:
In the past I have had 2 kind users contacting me offering their help, and things for some reason didn’t evolve out of this, haha… might be my fault by not giving out more info on the plot or whatever… if so I apologize. However contacting me and then never getting back after I made effort to prepare a size reference scene especially for one’s request, is frustrating. Also I can not package the same answer into more than 4 variations… I am not creative enough.
So please, please, please consider if it makes sense to you to start making the effort in writing to me, wasting your own time if you are not in the state of mind where any sort of commitment is a valid factor in your life, haha. : P

(Ach Abou) #5

Hi i would like to join you

(j) #6

(Profnull) #7

Are you stll looking for a modeller? I am sure I can help as long as you accept that I have a day job and only do this after hours :slight_smile: