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Hello all,

My name is Eric Windham. I am a student at the University of Mississippi in the US. I work for a professor in the computer science department. She has received a rather large grant from NASA. Her job is to provide 50 on-line courses in the area of remote sensing at the end of a 5 year period. My job is 3D programming. The animations we do have been fairly simple so far. Our main platform as of now is VRML. We have 3DS Max and Maya, and recently purchased the Plasma software package from Discreet. Our goal is to provide these animations to students over the web. In this case, file size is very important.

Now I’ll get to the point. I am fairly familiar with Blender. I know about the game engine. Some of these animations we have include some sort of interactivity ( i.e. starting and stopping the animation ). My question is,“Can I embed an animation made in Blender into a web page and use the game engine to give the animation some interactivity?” Cross-Platforming is very important and I know that the Blender Web-Plugin works in Linux.

I have spoken to my professor about using Blender for some ( if not, all ) of our animations. She liked the fact that Blender will be open-source soon, as this will allow to give more funcitionality to the software. She told me to find out the answer to the above question. If the answer is yes and I can convince her to use Blender, she said she would be willing to donate some of the grant to the Blender Project.

I have been a Blender supporter for some time now, but I’m not an expert and have no experience with the game engine. I think that using Blender in a NASA funded project could be very prosperous for Blender and all involved in it’s development. Please contact me if there are any question regarding our center.

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That would be very cool, but I can’t answer your question. You might want to post this in the Blender Foundation forums.

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As far as I know (which admittedly isn’t a great deal :wink: ) you can use Blender Publisher to do what you want.
Become a foundation member (ask the professor for the $50 heheh) and get Publisher 2.5 and some docs, then see if it can do the job :slight_smile:
If it does maybe you could look into sponsorship or mail Ton about it?

I probably don’t know what I’m on about so it’s probably best to let some of the more experienced members answer this

The number of things blender gets used for astounds me every time, everything from making stills, games, videos, product visualisation…etc etc :smiley:

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You can display any .blend file on a web page with the blender web plugin (free download).

But with publisher you can encrypt the code.

And with publisher you can display custom splash screens (I think).