Possible name change (please read)

Possible name change


Roel Spruit (Goofster) has been investigating several open source Content Management Systems (CMS) with the goal to find one suitable for elYsiun. This week we’ll make our final choice, which will most likely be Drupal (www.drupal.org).

Once we’ve made our final decision we’ll start the implementation process, which means converting the current forum and writing several custom modules for the CMS. In the end we hope to create a more manageable website with more content (think articles, links, gallery, knowledgebase, etc).

During this implementation process we’ll also convert to a new design for elYsiun, of both the website itself and the elYsiun logo. Now I figured because we’re changing so much perhaps a name change is in order as well. The reasons for this would be because:

  • elYsiun is hard to remember: I’ve seen elYsiun misspelled thousands of times over the years and it’s current popularity doesn’t seem to help with this.
  • The name elYsiun doesn’t state what kind of website it is: While it’s clearly a Blender Community website you would have to visit elYsiun until you would find out!

Of course there are some downsides of a name change, a lot of people know elYsiun since it’s pretty much the most important community website around. A lot of people link to elYsiun.com and have bookmarks pointing towards it.

My proposal is:

  • We change the name to something more logically for a Blender Community website (for example: BlenderCommunity.com)
  • The current domain, elYsiun.com, will keep pointing to the new domain for at least 3 years but most likely more (indefinitely?) and all old bookmarks / links will keep working.
  • The new name would have a subtitle in the trend of: “formerly elYsiun.com

Now my questions to everyone in the community are:

  1. Would you be in favor of a name change?
  2. What name would you propose?

To answer the first question please vote in the poll, to answer the second question please reply to this post.


I don’t think it’s necessary because Elysiun is well known to all blenderheads. In fact if the name changed it would probably confuse people. So I voted no. Plus, I imagine people are rather attached to it.

I say no, although you are right about the writing, (I wrote elyium some time to get on the website, but that don’t work ;))
Perhaps you could put in the logo “blender comunity” so that people could see it is a blender community. but the name elYsiun shouldn’t be changed, i am finaly used to it… :smiley:

no! you know how long it took for me to learn how to write “elisiun” with no spelling mistakes? what next change the name of tuhopuu? (I’m still working on that) :stuck_out_tongue:

and still you can’t write it without mistakes :stuck_out_tongue:

that was on purpose… I swear! realy! o.k you caught me.

Heh, it took a long time for me untill I wrote it right as well.

Hey, I think a new name wouldn’t do any harm…and a subtitle underneath it is always catchy…but what name…?!
I’ll think it over…

I think the fact that those who’ve sofar voted no and posted a reply stating that it took them a long time to learn how to type elYsiun as their reason, illustrates that elYsiun needs a name change :slight_smile:


Well, this is a tough choice. I think that elysiun has been associated with Blender for so long now that it has become as well know as Blender, to an extent.

Everyone who uses Blender pretty much knows about elysiun and comes here for support and to post their work. Those that don’t post over at other forums, (CG Talk, etc.), and will find out about elysiun there and then star coming here.

Granted, the name elysiun has nothing to do with Blender, but it is a catchy and memorable site name.

I say keep it and and as mispunt said, add a “Blender Community Website” under the elysiun logo, to make it a little more claer as the the functionality of the site.


Well I see the reason but by now elysiun’s been established as the meeting point.

And since there already is blender.org and blender3d.org … making another new site alongside elysiun would be a bit too complex I think.

Personally I’d say, stick with elysiun.com (putting a little “blender community” tag in the logo or next to it wouldn’t be a bad thing). But really… I don’t see a need for a change.

I agree with most people here. Elysiun is so well established that it would only be confusing to get another name. Also it stands out from the crowd, so as soon as people learn about it they will remember it, even though it takes some time learning how to spell it.

Good luck with the new implementation!

Hans Petter

Perhaps you should think about going the other way; leave Elysiun as the main site but register BlenderCommunity.org as an alias. That way either name would work.

Aye I’ve thought about that,… but if blenderCommunity.org wouldn’t be promoted it wouldn’t make much sense.

Keep elYsiun, but put a huge (and I mean huge) link on blender.org’s frontpage.

btw, isn’t this the wrong forum for announcements? :wink:

i propose this idea.

Timothy, your idea was to create a new name like
www.blendercomunity.com or somthing (not that but somthing)

and people are used to www.elysiun.com

you suggested pointing elsiun @ the blender comunity page.

how about you do it the OTHER way around. you have 2 domain names.

one is Blendercomunity, and that points to the same place as elysiun.

on the top of the graphics, we have the elysiun logo on the right and the blender logo with comunity under it on the left.

this way the new are happy and the old are happy.

leave it as two for a while and then make the choice wether to knock one off or not.

but rather than changing it, why not add it. can’t hurt i don’t think


I’m not against the name change, but my hands are already ‘programmed’ to type www.elysiun.com as soon as I start my browser :stuck_out_tongue:

People will get very confused with the new name…but of course you can make the site so that it redirects user who type elYsiun.com, which would basically be the same as keeping the name, but with a slight waiting period…Okay, thinking too much again.

i love “elysiun” because it IS!
No please do not change.


DO NOT CHANGE IT!!! AARGH!!! I voted “Hell no!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Well timothy got a point here. But why there is so much official site anyway? if you want to go for maya you have one web site, why is blender have 3 official web site (4 with blender.nl)? i know there is something about merging blender.org and blender3d.org but after all why not put it all together? and link all to the central blender site. Cause even if this is a community web site it’s so important that i think we can put a “official” stick on it, because elysiun is the forum of blender! so why not merge it on the main site?