possible new networking technology.

Looks interesting. check it out here: http://www.tomshardware.com/hardnews/20050216_145922.html

I’m getting sick of these technology articles. Always saying, we found this, we found that, oooh cool a way faster now to combine this with that, or else.
When do we actually see this lying in the shops, or really used in real life in oure cities or villages? I remember that 5 years ago there was a technology to make a pc like 1terahetz, but did you see it lying in a shop or actually be used on your school? No, exactly.

Anyways besides these technologies, what does it cost? Yeah cool buy a 1 terabyte floppy cost like 1000 dollar, or a 100mbit server cost like 2000 dollar. I’m not seeing this technology be used in the 10 comming years. I still remember they found a way faster conection 3 years ago then adsl, cool, but I’m stil stuck with adsl and also they prommised 2 years ago to have normal people as you and me a 100 mbit adsl connection for a cheap price. Well when I check my provider I can get a max o 8mbit down and 2 mbit up for 100 euro a month. :o

First seeing and having, then believing, that’s my opinion, if we really used all the technology that’s discovered, the world was a lot easier if we really believe those guys or really had those technologies in oure houses. The only thing we get is army crap. The technology first goes to the army or governement, and when it’s outdated it wi’ll be for sale in the shops. :-?

I’m with JD-multi on that. I’m tired of hearing how institutions have pioneering hydrogen fuel cell cars and optical processors that are so much better than we’ve got now and we’ll get them in maybe 10, 20, 30 years. I want them now, now, now. Hence the Homer sig ;).

Woo hoo! A laser pointer in every household, that’s my dream 8)

Bleurgh. New techonology is dissapointing at best, offensive at worst.

Segway scooters,
DVD±/R/RW-R+RW<red or blue laser sir> (one format would be sufficient thank-you)
3d Monitors
The Matrix
Vegeburgers (Although they are improving)
The wheel

The only advances we ever get to see regularly are software based and it is still not certain that they can be classed as advances.

New ways of delivering pop-ups advertising.

New video compression which is declared as bleeding edge so that people who don’t understand compression can kill a video stream and render it unwatchable blocky crap (Compulsory training should be required for Divx groupies).

Online Life-Coaching (Kill me now)

‘Real’ paint effects in image editing software. (Probably took countless hours to create a good ‘oil paint’ filter. Thanks, Now I can print and frame my porn collection. Unlike the millions of users who actively scan and convert their holiday snaps into photogloss watercolours.)

For real advance in technology check http://www.halfbakery.com

Phew, almost broke into a sweat there :slight_smile:


Speaking of wheels, someone has invented an unpoppable tyre for cars. And believe it or not but it is actually in production, well at least for the army. :frowning: