Possible Particle Bug

I tried seperating a face from one side of a gear I modeled so I could apply a Particle spark effect to it. Here’s what happeens:

I select the four vertices and seperate the face that I want to apply the particles to.

I select the seperated face and add a new particle effect.

Blender crashes immediately.

I tried multiple times to get it to work and it always crashes, so I thought it might be a bug that won’t let particles work with seperated meshes?

Blender2.34/Mac OSX 10.2.8

I have no idea why it doesn’t work. Maybe you should submit it to the bugtracker?


I’ve got a similar problem. it only seems to happen when the particle emmiter as an armature for me. I can add particles if it has no bones but as soon as it does then it will start to crash blender every time.