Possible?: Rendering white contures?

Hey guys,
I´m new here! And my name is Leon Behnke. :smiley: My first question in this forum is: It is possible to render in Blender an object that completly black but the contures are white. I think I see somewhere something like this. I hope some of you guys knows the answer.


Leon, there are at least two ways: in the Properties view, Render tab > Post Processing > tick Edge and set threshold and color for it. Render Layers tab > Layer > disable everything except Sky and Edge, World tab > set Horizon color. Hit F12 :slight_smile:
More versatile and powerful way is Freestyle NPR edge renderer. To use it you will need a custom build from graphicall.org. It has a Freestyle checkbox under Render tab and line set editor under Render Layers. There you can set any stroke style imaginable - from ISO drafting to watercolor painting.

thanks! Both ways are helpful ;D