Possible restart of the game project TRON-R

Hi everyone !
2 years ago I managed the game project TRON-R
For those who don’t know about TRON, it’s a film that inspired me a game in the same universe (lets see it on google).

I have been forced to stop it because I started a very difficult step of my studies. Now it’s over, then I have time for this again.
I restart the project there is people intrested in contributing, because what I learnt from the last time is that it is really too time consumpting for one man to create a correct game.

Who I need is :

  • a 3D artist who can create meshes and textures (diffuse, specular, normals)
  • a sound designer
    All other talents are welcome of course !

Here is to what the game could look like:

I can now make my own shaders, as I explain using irrlicht, with fake reflects and all graphic features of the BGE
I can make realistic shaded clouds/fog


Welcome back!!!

Did you see my dissolve, teleport and trail effects?

should do nicely, you also want to use a clamped bloom.

the teleport nodes I use object.color.magnitude to ‘pop’ meshes into shadeless :smiley:
this + bloom clamp allows neon/ selective bloom effects that are pretty nifty.

LAMP manager and FX lamp checkout is not a bad idea either.

(static lamps are shuffled to lamp positions in the terrain, where as there is 2 Que for FX lamps that is a dictionary

lamps are popped to FREE from used when outside a range or when the object they are attached to dies etc.

key = { (int):[lamp,[data]] }

Nice to see this coming back to life.

Happy to see you didn’t forgot this !
But it’s not sure it will come back to life, cause it depends on possible co-workers.
The project would restart on the game engine Irrlicht (with BGE there were too many problems in loading scenes and shaders, plus it wasn’t possible to deform meshes at runtime).

I see I have a lot of things to watch for :rolleyes:. I haven’t been on this forum for a while !

what kind of mesh deform cant you do?

For example, the trail of the light cycles was not possible by changing vertex coordinates during the game. I was obliged to do it in the vertex shader, and to recompute it at every render pass, so makes the trail with a fixed length (then finite) and heavy for render. The BGE had all the meshes datas read only for some optimization reasons.
Plus, I is not possible to manage materials during the game so only one bike can run with a trail else the two cycles will share the same weird trail.

Just take a look at how I made 2 years ago

take a look at ninja slice demo in resources

That what I call a solution ! great work !
congratulation for the finding of the kdtree object that isn’t referenced in the doc, but a problem still: it’s impossible to insert faces that doesn’t exist before the game start according to the documentation
But your solution is better than mine, I would have wanted to it when I was writting the motorbike

we can have a ‘particle mesh’ used to do all effects that is stationary and marked don’t cull

faces from mesh can be used for sprites and fx like the trails

Hello again I am interested in donating to this project!

Maybe too much red, but I extracted flat faces and just duplicated them in seconds.

I’d really like to see the inside of the tanks from the original film, I remember it was the most awsome effect, I modelled my UI after it.

Good news ! did you created the mesh yourself ? cause if you did it your time can be very precious for the project !
As the tank should be driven, it is pretty sure I will make an interior, I am very fund of the old tank UI too, I made a small “space paranoid” 5 years ago

actually I stripped the body from google’s 3d warehouse(shhh, I can always rebrand it.) but I did do the helmet myself and made a more practical suit of armour, one that can be made from mold casting of plastic’s which since I last talked to you has been my focus. I just need to gussy up the technicals on the mesh other than that it’s pretty primitive and game engine worthy.
problem is since it is very round I cannot extract flat faces and duplicate them with hollow glow :frowning:

I would like to implement your flight AI and mechanics of crashes.


Well, We have to consider it when more people would have joined the project. Nevertheless, it’s nice to have you !
But it means you should be able to program in C++ with the Irrlicht game engine ?

As I have experience I have also a prediliction to hostside serving of games, so I can do a little for the client but my focus since I last talked to you is hostside programming of a database for feasibility/cuasality assessment of 3d scenes in the google appscript language, which unforetunately is not the best api to do this on, but I have little other choice for a third party on which to license my clients out with a motion capture/security service and not loose a product. looking through there right of service agreement I see no clause prohibiting a 3d world being hosted and or corrilated on that platform.

Hi, I was wondering ignore this is still a thing? Also I’d like to congratulate you it’s amazing work for a small indie team well you did it for yo self for a while so ye