Possible Security Breach!

Okay so I opened a link to a blender artists page and tried logging in, but as soon as I hit “Log In” I was told to sign in again. So, I typed in my info again but got the same message. I then noticed that the URL started as https://blenderartists.org and not https://www.blenderartists.org. However, the elysiun site looked exactly like the blender artists site. If any moderators or staff for this site are reading this, I think there may be a security flaw. Since I put my info into the elysiun site, I am worried my account info may now be possessed by another entity, along with the account info of anyone else that mistakenly accessed the third-party site. I will try to contact the staff directly.
To get my results:
Take the URL for a blender artists site and replace “blenderartists.org” with “elysiun.com”. DO NOT LOG IN!!!
That’s all for now, I’m going to try and contact the staff.

This has been discussed and covered in the other linked threads. Closing this one.