Possible small render farm using old desktops?

Hi guys!

After creating an animation at work that took an age to render on my own work PC I was wondering if i could use some of the old machines as a render farm?

Firstly they are all windows machines but im unsure if they run 32 or 64bit systems would this make a difference? The version of windows is also different on all the old pcs ranging from xp,vista and windows 7. My client/master machine will be running the windows 7 64bit while the rest are vista or xp.

If it is possible to hook these 4 various pcs up as slaves via a ethernet hub and router to my master pc would this be the best way to go about it? The company has a main server in the building that my computer runs from, my thoughts are the farm would feed to my pc only and the master would link to the main server.

The master machine is a dell precision T3500 with 2.67GHz intel xeon and 4GB RAM

the others are

Dell optiplex 760 running vista
Dell optiplex 755 running vista
Dell dimension 9200 running xp
Dell vostro 400 running xp

Unsure of the stats on them.

Sorry if this makes no sense i’m not an IT wizard i would just like to speed up the cpu rendering with what we have available if possible.


Hi ALDREZ, this make not much sense, one i7 is faster than all systems together and need 10% power.
Buy a gaming PC with i7 for 4-500€ and you are fine.

Cheers, mib

Thanks for the reply mib2berlin! I wasn’t sure if there would be an advantage as the machines are quite old but the 10min plus render times per frame of my animations are killing me :frowning:

We have 3 dell precision t3500 running fairly similar spec all on the local network one might be 32bit to render over the network do they all have to be the same bit either 32 or 64?



64 or 32 Bit is not much difference in performance but 32 Bit can only use 3 GB RAM.
The precision T3500 are good systems, hard to beat them.

Cheers, mib