Possible Spline bug?

I’m using blender 2.68a…

Hey guys,

I created an exceptionally ok rig, but the tail I rigged is a little weird and I can’t firgure out why…

I created a Spline IK for the tail and a bezier curve as the target, so good so far. Then I created the control bones and hooked the bezier curve control points to them. When I move the control bones, the tail would move correctly…

but then when I RMB click to cancel the translation, the control bone would snap back but the tail bones will stay in place. I end up having to undo if I want to get it back to where it was.

I’d like to know if I’m doing something wrong or if its a bug. I hope I’m doing something wrong…


bump any ideas? need more info? I installed 2.69 btw but still the same problem…

How about a .blend file so we can check and test it?

LONO.blend (1.72 MB)

Sorry about that. To recreate the issue, all you have to do is go into edit mode, move the preselected control point, then right click to cancel. You’ll see that the control point snaps back to the previous point while the bones will act as if you left clicked to confirm the translation.

Unable to reproduce this behavior on my computer in either 2.68a or 2.69. Cancelling the translation just cancels properly for me. I’m on a Mac at the moment. I’ll test it on Windows tomorrow, but this may be a problem with your computer.

Incidentally, I don’t generally like spline IK much. It looks like an attractive solution for tails and tentacles and such, but I’ve found this rig to be much more flexible, so to speak: TailDemo.blend (423 KB)

i’m not seeing any way to control the tail. shouldn’t there be some kind of control point for the tail? an empty or something? all i see is a bone group targeted to a spline. i shouldn’t have to go into edit mode to adjust the tail. also your tail has far too few loops to deform properly along the curve. your just getting sharp bends at the current loops.

thats a nice tail rig by the way K Horseman

holy cow the method you use is awesome! thanks! I can’t figure out the issue with splines but the method you showed has helped me to move forward for the time being.

Thanks. Use it as-is for tails, and turn on Stretch on each IK constraint for tentacles.

I had it all hooked to empties, which in turn I made them childs to the control bones, but when the problem occored I removed the parents and empties, and the problem still persists. I figured since I just wanted to demonstrate the problem, I shouldn’t have to hook empties or have the mesh look good.

no, you shouldnt, but you could explain that you have removed such, and why so the people working on the problem for you aren’t scuppered by not having the blend be the what you are showing in your images.

Sorry, I’ll try to be more explicit next time.

no problem, i trust your project is back on track now that you have a new rig setup now though? :slight_smile:

Were you able to recreate the problem?

Yup, I’m fleshing out a game idea I’ve had for the longest. :slight_smile: