Possible texture export problem with blender2cal3d script...


I have ran into a problem where my texture does not seem to be mapping properly after I have exported my model to cal3d format. I’m not quite sure what’s happening, because when I load my model in Crystal Space, there are no errors thrown stating that the texture could not be found. This would indicate that the texture was being loaded.

This is an image of what my model looked like after running the application…


This is what my texture looks like…


I could load other textures like the green.gif and my mesh would be textured green. I found this confusing until I tried using a test texture to see if my uv coordinates were mapping correctly, (I think this is the problem I’m having) but I’m new to using blender and I’m not sure if my diagnosis is correct.

This is what my model looked like after applying a test texture to try to see what was happening…


This is what my test texture looks like…


The end result is supposed to look like this…


Does anyone have any ideas as to what is happening? I’m using Blender 2.41 and Crystal Space Pseudo Stable Release (0.99 from 27 January 2006).

Cal3d needs an image applied to the faces- see UV/Texface images.

Would you mind explaining in more detail what you mean by…

Cal3d needs an image applied to the faces- see UV/Texface images.

I went through the UV editor and mapped the image to the texture that way. As you can see the texture is being applied to my sphere in blender. It’s just not getting applied to the sphere properly in Crystal Space.


ah, looks like your doing it right- in that case send your blend to the bugtracker and report to the scripts author.

BUT test the latest Cal3d exporter also from the Blender CVS to make sure its not been fixed in the recent update.

Alright, it turns out it’s not a plug-in issue after all. What I think happened was I created the texture and did the UV mapping. I ended up changing the texture. I erased the link to the texture by pressing the ‘Clear’ button and deleted the texture. I then opened my new image and did the mapping again. Everything looked fine except when I exported it. Well after fishing around I went into Object mode, pressed the ‘Shading’ button and then the ‘Material buttons’. I decided to try to add a texture since I didn’t see one there. I then clicked on the ‘Map Input’ tab and clicked the ‘UV’ and ‘Flat’ buttons. From there I clicked on the ‘Texture buttons’ and selected ‘Image’ in the ‘Texture Type’ select box. I then clicked the ‘Load Image’ button, found my texture and loaded it. Then, my ‘Preview’ pane showed my texture. I then clicked the ‘Material buttons’ button again and the texture was in the ‘Preview’ pane there too. I decided to save it and then export it. I started the viewmesh Crystal Space application, loaded my model and it was finally textured.

It took me a little while, but I’m just happy that I finally got it! :smiley:

Thanks cambo for your suggestions!