Possible to build a city alone? (Modelling)

I was just wondering, has anyone ever built a “city” by themself? Or rather, how feasible is it?

I thought I might want to have a go, and wanted to know if anyone had any tips to go around doing this.

I have not tried it yet, but it can be done. You only need to create about 10 (or as many as you want) buildings and then place them in the scene. It might be very tedious work to do it by hand, so you can use a script or use the particle system. Also, I remember Andrew Price made a tutorial where he used the particle system to spawn the structures. Check his tutorials.

I watched a video on youtube not so long back on how someone did it. It was more directed at post-pro in Photoshop, but showed how to make a lot of buildings in a short amount of time.

I’ll have a look for it. Although, at the end of the day, it depends what you want the city for. If it’s for a close up fly through for a short movie, or whether it will be used in the background as a slightly blurry backdrop will decide whether it is achievable single handed.

There are several techniques you can use throughout the process from blocking out the general building shapes to modular construction (ie. making building ‘components’ and overlaying them together).

Another is what’s already mentioned, which is create several individual models and repeat them around the scene, you might want to also add small edits to a number of them to differentiate things a little (ie. different colors, different heights, different wall textures ect…).

The most advanced way is to find someone to make you a procedural generator addon which can generate buildings based on parameters, Blender doesn’t have a lot of options right now in terms of this, but maybe someday someone will take it as a challenge.

This may help: http://www.blenderguru.com/videos/how-to-create-a-city/

Yes, I’ve seen that Price tutorial long time ago. 'twas very interesting. Roads seems just slightly off, but hey, things I suppose can be worked out.

I might check how overlaying models might work. That might be an interesting solution.

suicide addon

no, i have no idea what relevence the name has on the plugin either

I’ve seen that before. Boy, did I used to have fun with that thing. Not exactly what I’m looking for right now though.

Maybe show an example of the kind of city you are looking at.

There’s one *.blend of an open project that as far as I’m aware of has kind of slowed pretty much to a stop that had a city sort of feel to it. Maybe you can find it and look for inspiration along those lines. Try looking up “BasestreetmodelFINAL.zip” or something along those lines.

EDIT - I have a copy of it on my harddrive. She’s from 2008 and with enough details like fountains etc…