Possible to do a quick texturless render/fastest render software out there?


Is it possible to do a quick render without textures (basically so it doesn’t take that long to see a some-what final representation of the project)?

Or even are there free softwares out there that render quickly?

What are the best commerical rendering programs in your experience?

Thanks in advance!


OpenGL render button on 3d view header (or under Render menu)
and/or make a basic material and set it to be the override material in the renderlayers panel
and/or use the Simplify options in the Scene settings

Cheers Mark, I will try this out!


As I’ve suggested elsewhere (in Tutorials), “OpenGL Renders” are your BFF = Best Friend Forever™ when it comes to animation projects. These will produce geometrically accurate outputs, in the same file-formats that are used for “real” renders, and they will do it fast.

(And, with a little fiddling and creativity, they can be the foundation layer of ‘finished’ animations, upon which you add “spice” that is conventionally rendered.)

“Geometrically accurate” means that you can drop-in replace that OpenGL render with a conventionally rendered “final” and it will match, exactly. So, if you plan-ahead about the dimensions and scale of your sets and objects and in the placement of your cameras, you can actually do final-cut editing of the entire show, before final-rendering any(!) part of it. (You even do the first pass of this process before you build final versions of characters, props, and sets! Just keep it all “in scale.”)

You can make a director’s and a cinematographer’s final decisions, so that the only task which remains is to render the specific frames that you (now) know are required, doing each in the most-efficient way possible (which might well be: “OpenGL,” or a hybrid approach that uses OpenGL to do 90% of the work).

Given that an OpenGL frame can be produced in half-a-second whereas a conventional render might take minutes or hours, that is huge. That’s a “game-changing” difference in efficiency of work-flow.

You can make those decisions freely … experimentally … playfully … because they are “free.” That’s important in coming up with a really good show that resembles “real” shows, which are done that way. Getting an image that you can look-at and consider, and decide with, is no longer painful.