Possible to hide text overlay of a sound clip in VSE

I am doing some lip syncing, and when the text is overlayed over the waveform of a sound clip, it is irritating. Is it possible to hide the file information, so I can focus on the waveform?


Uh, I’ve never really noticed it before reading your post. Now that I’ve realized it it does make sense to hide the filename/path info overlayed on the top of the strip.

Re your question, I don’t think it’s possible through the gui accessible user preferences. I guess in principle it should be doable through some variable in a conf file somewhere. Guess this question should be addressed to the devs.

What might be of some help is to use short paths and filenames for all input materials.


Used to be able to rename strips, that doesn’t seem to work anymore. I also quite lioked the “bug” that made the waveform larger than the track. As it is you can’t normalise (make the wave bigger/maximise) the peaks to edit more accurately.

Or just live with it. Submit it to devs as a [smack head] “duhhhh” kind of request. It’s not a big deal, I use my ears more than the waveform anyway. But its a nicety

Thanks anyways, guys.

I would not really to much on ears but a meter would be nice. I guess that you could always drive a 3D value, from audio to f-curve, to see the value change while playing. But the f-curve won’t move when the strip is moved.