Possible to load textures from one .blend into another?

If possible i would like to load materials (including their texture images) from one .blend into another.

I googled this and found some useful info, but after failing to work i checked again and found the post was from 8 years ago. Is this still possible? Because it’ll save me a lot of time if it is!

You can link or append materials like any other objects from another blend file. However if you have packed your texture images into that blend file, I’m not sure if that still works.

I tried the link/append button, selected the other texture file and highlighted the materials. Then clicked ok, but it didnt import anything.

OK, bizarre i just tried it again and some how this time it worked… bizarre!

Well i was about to mark this as solved, but have just encountered a weird problem. I imported a texture into a new blend file, but i cant CHANGE anything in it, all the materials options are just greyed out, can someone advise what i’ve done wrong???

I assume you used link for your import. Linking means, that you use links for the material into the other blend file. Therefore you cannot edit it. This may also cause problems when you move the one or the other blend file, as the link then points into the nirvana.