Possible to render at different location?

This is probably a stupid question, but gonna try it anyway. Probably 95% of my blending happens on a slow laptop away from home. I have a perfectly good PC sitting idle at home while I’m away, and I was wondering if it was possible, with third party software or something, to somehow send my blends to my home PC, have it render, then send the results back to me?

Could I set up a server at home, then FTP to it, and send a console command to have Blender render and send the output image to me? Or would I have to use a remote access program? Any ideas?

If your PC at home runs Linux you could install Blender on it, copy your .blend (with scp for instance) and render the file from the command line (via ssh).

You could possibly also tweak the network render add-on to do it for you if you can get it to disregard your laptop as a render machine, I think it ships with Blender.