Possible to render "catscan" version of text? ipad lightpaint project

I’m new to this forum, and very new to Blender. But hopefully someone can guide me in the right direction here:)
I’m very enthustiastic about Blender and the openness of the program, but never been able to utilize it. But suddenly I discovered a potential project I was hoping Blender could be used.

By rendering a “catscan” version of e.g. 3D text, and playing it on an iPad, you can achive some interesting effects, like for example this stop motion movie:

So I’m wondering, is it possible to do such rendering with Blender? Would it be difficult?



There may be a better tool/plugin to get cross sections, but here is my first thought.

-Create your text
-Create a thin box and animate it across the text
-Apply a Boolean modifier to the text, selecting the box as the object to Boolean with.
-Set the Boolean mode to intersect and you should be left with what you need.

I can go into better detail or post an example later if you need.

That sounds like a sollution, very nice!! My challenge is that basic stuff like animating the box is something I struggle with. If possible, it would be so great to see a more detailed description :slight_smile:
I guess in the final render, the camera would have to follow the animated box aswell, to keep the letter size constant?

Thanks again, much apreciated!

Merged all info with post above…

wow, thanks a lot! I tried the project file, and managed to get something rendered, and will study the possibilites with blender and tweaking even more. again, thanks so much!