Possible to Render what you see in Editmode

Hello Everyone-
I love the way things look like they are exploding when you extrude planes of an object in editmode. It can get pretty crazy and would look great in a motion graphic setting. Is is possible to keep the type of grey/blue cartoonish looking planes of editmode as a render. Is it something in the render pipeline menu like wireframe?


Last little square on the header of the 3d window - click to render the 3d window, and ctrl-click it to render the animation you have specified in the render panel. As far as rendering the modeling process, you might use shape keys and hooks to animate the model to look like it is being worked on, then hide the layers the hooks are on maybe.

I see, last button, I suppose I could also render each frame as a jpeg and then create an image sequence from them in AE, or perhaps some other image conversion software.


No need to go to AE to turn images into a video. You can do that in Blender’s VSE.

Nah, not necessary at all. Just set your render output to a movie format like avi or mov and then ctrl-click the little icon to render your opengl preview out in the dimensions and format you picked. You can then already have a movie file that way to share quick and dirty.

If you still want to render to frames, then yes, do so and then add them into the VSE like mawilson says and set your output to ‘do sequence’ and then render to a movie format from the VSE.

I am trying to render the wireframe I see in large mode. However, it is rendering as a small square in the corner, and looks stunted. Anyone know why?

What are your render settings?


Happens to me too, when setting the render resolution very high. My guess is that it is based on either Screen Resolution (I cannot render over my current display resolution) or maybe some limit in the OpenGL settings on my crappy integrated graphics card. I do not have access to a better PC with a better graphics card ATM to test further.

Thanks for both answers