Possible to save the File Browser (Blender File View) window configuration?

The File View is annoying: I almost never want to use the Volumes or Systems sections, but when I move and collapse them, the config is not saved — every time I Open, it resets and moves them back up.

I’d like to save this configuration:

Is it possible?

In Preferences I found I can at least remove System Locations which helps a bit, but Volumes is still present:

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Just run into that on windows. The system links are totally useless to me, who needs a path to pictures or fonts?
On the mac its solved better, because System is actually what you favorites look in Finder and that of course fully customize able. So I normally put my project path on too of the list and so get that in Blender right on the too too. Wish that could be in Windows similar. Or having at least favorites on top.
Another thing I miss is, that you can just click on an open finder window, or desktop and have the file open dialog jump to that root. (addon). Thats not possible with the Blender file open dialog.