Possible to share materials with other Blend files 'without' append?


This project of mine seems to be 1 step forward and 2 steps back :upside_down_face:

As my model of a school with several buildings and its grounds was getting too big and everything in blender was slowing down I was advised to split the blend file up into smaller individual blend files and link them to a single base file that loads them all so I can render. This works great and I have 8 blend files that contain individual parts of the school that I can work on and then open all in the base file.

Just found a problem though that’s going to set me back hours. If I make a change to say the material of a wood window frame and still keep the material name the same then it updates on that particular building but won’t update on the other buildings in their own blend files that use the same material name. 5 of the old school buildings are pretty much the same design and style so I need to have them all looking the same when I adjust a material.

I understand the append process so I can bring that changed material into the other files but I’m going to end up with all sorts of copies that will behard to keep track of. Can I not just have a single material library in a folder that holds everything in the project and each of the blend files use only these materials? I’ve had a good search online but the solutions only seem to be append where as I want to ‘share’.



Apologies I didn’t do my homework properly :grimacing:

Materials Library VX does the job

Added later…
Whoops spoke too soon. It keeps crashing with Blender 2.93.5 so have discontinued. It did start off ok and I was able to add materials to the library but so many crasheds. Will keep looking for something else.

You already found your answer. :wink:

Linking in a blendfile with all the materials, will share these over your project.
Change the materials in the original blendfile, and it will ripple through all your other blendfiles.

There’s no other way. Link or append.