Possible to Snap separate object edges etc?

Being a newbie I thought best to build a project with many separate parts for easier material assignment. Still find the material/texture editor very,very confusing and not very intuitive but I guess to each his own…

Anyways, I have a screen filled with many parts that need to be re-assembled for final rendering. Is there a way to snap parts to other parts precision wise?

eg. If I had 2 edges on one object could I mate them to another objects 2 edges?

Or do I have to start checking vertice xyz and try to match?

Thank you in advance.

well there is a way for one edge to another edge but not 2!

is that good enough?

let me know i have to find where i have this technic

but not easy to do and not fast either
need to add 2 empties then parent to vertex ect,

happy 2.5

The reason I say 2 is because that way you could align xy or xz etc and basically get the lock you need.

In Solidworks it’s called the MATE command and by selecting 2 different parts edges, vertices etc you can specify tangent /concentric/ parallel etc. for quick part alignment.

Thank you for your reply.

If these are separate objects you will need to join them first before merging vertexes. To do that select the two objects by shift right clicking on both then hit ctrl J to join. After that you can get into edit mode and merge the vertex by selecting two vertex you want joined and hitting the W key and chose merge. You will have the option on first, last, and center. There is a quick way to do a bunch by turning on the auto-merge editing in the mesh menu. And then turning on the snap to button and chose closest vertex. Now you can g key then hold the ctrl key and the vertex wil snap to the closest vertex to your cursor. When It’s where it should be then left click to confirm and it will automatically join the two vertex. It’s just a matter of g key hold ctrl and left clicking from then on.

Here is a video that shows how to do auto-merge editing and snapping.


Thank you for the replies, very much appreciated.

I’m not trying to merge parts as much as I’m just trying to align separate part together.

I have an project that I’ve loaded in all separate parts. I’m now trying to snap them together at the correct vertices (intersections) and not modify the part just the rotation and position.

The reply by RobCozzens in this thread might be helpful.

Attached is my video tutorial of how to snap edge of one object to the edge of another object.

Sound isn’t there so just remember that once I have clicked the Magnet Tool and chosen Edge in the drop down, whenever I am moving the edge of the first object towards the edge of other object, am holding the CTRL key.

So make sure you also hold the CTRL Key

if possible it woud be nice to make a script in 2.5 and add this to the Add ons folder

it would be a nice and cool script and much easier to use then doing it manually

also include the face to face one if possible

keep up the good work