Possible Typo in Documentation


invert(), identity()

it says it will set the matrix to the inverse or identity but it doesnt. Also I cannot assign a new matrix to them either?..

The only thing that has worked it printing matrix.invert(), matrix.identity()

So, this documentation seems like its returning a string? Anyone know whats up?

I checked the docs and tested invert/identity and they all work as expected.
it will never return a string- as the docs say it will return an instance of its self.

for assignment you can use slicing if you want to modify the matrix in place.

Is it actually checking in the assignment operator if left and right hand side are the same?

code was

Inverse = bone.poseMatrix.invert()

Inverse was not the inverse.

Are you suggesting:

Inverse = bone.poseMatrix.invert()
Inverse = Inverse.invert()

If so, then that wasn’t clear in the documentation and is also kinda weird. I dont know, it only worked if I printed it with the argument actually being the function call.