Possible? When having grabbed a selection in editmode, add more hotkey options?

I mean in addition to the S for scale, R for rotate, and X,Y,Z for translating. A coder would simply need to create hotkey access to an existing tool and not have to code in a completely new tool.

When grabbed also have

F - Flip triangle edges
Q - Convert tris to Quads
T - Convert to tris
Like usual, right click to keep it in the origional location

And maybe some items from the W-key menu so you can bypass it like S - Subdvide.

What do you think?

The benefit is quicker workflow for common tools, no need to press a key combination or go through a menu. Also keep your hand on the mouse so you can instantly do other operations.

Even if it was possible and reasonable, why would you code it now just before 2.50 takes off? The patch would just rot in the patch tracker and you would have to recode it for 2.50 anyway.

sounds overly complex and obscure changing a key’s function when something is selected ornot…

-i’d hate it…

The pop up menu`s are fast and clear in my opinion.