Possibly a stupid question

This may possibly be a stupid wuestion to ask, but as Blender is evolving all the time, will it ever be able to to what z brush 2 is doing at the moment. Sculpting stuff from solid bricks. I know that there is a python script somewhere but is that just as good?

Would Blender ever manage to get the capabilities that Z brush 2 has got now?

Links to some artists work in Z brush; http://pixologic.com/zbrush/interviews/artist_interviews.html

Z brush 2 preview;

Blender has a B-Brush script with which you can sculpt meshes, but it’s just not at all like Z Brush… There is some hope however that it comes a little bit closer, the author of SharpConstruct has proposed to do a Summer of Code project, discussion

Looks like he wants to intergrate SharpConstruct modeling tools into Blender. Since they look like you can do true Zbrush style displacement, I think they should make this a top priority.

It would indeed be very nice and useful to have that. No question.

Though Zbrush is still way far superior, IMO.