Post a pic of your workstation!

Just thought it would be fun to see where everybody blends and with what, so post a pic or two of your workstation and system stats!

pic 1
pic 2

System stats:

3.2 Ghz hyper-threading P4
2 GB DDR2 533 memory
250 GB Seagate Barracuda HD
60 GB Western Digital HD
Nvidia GeForce 7300 GT AGP 8x
430 Watt PSU
Antec 900 chassis
HP pavilion mx703 17" CRT monitor


Celeron M 410 (1.46 Ghz)
15.4" WXGA LCD
1024 Mb DDR2
60 Gb HDD
DVD Super Multi Double Layer Thingy
56k Modem
10/100 LAN + WLAN Thingy
ATi Mobile Crapity
Windows XP Pro

Perfectly usable with ZBrush3, but not with Blender’s sculptmode :frowning:

Soon, I’ll get a Core 2 Duo and much, much more greatness.

this is the main two workstations that i do my rendering and all of my work on…

got 3 other pc’s but dont use them for work, just aming

Oooh, I love that keyboard on the bottom…:cool: Not ergonomic, though.:frowning:

theres actually another screen to the left thats used by another pc, i just couldn’t fit it all into one pic and after goin through the trouble to get this 1 outa my phone i didn’t want to take another 1…

ill get some pics up…

put these are my specs:

T1300 1.66GHz core solo
Intel 945/ 945IGP
15" crstalbite 1280x800 TFT
19" CRT monitor (D-sub) 1280x1024
32" TV (S-video)
A4 trust tablet
AMD Sempron 2600
optronix mobo
nvidia 6800GS
DVD rewriter
5.1 surround sound

AMD athlon 2000XP
ATI 9500

Well… here is my computer corner where all the magic happens :wink:

I have set it up so it’s most comfortable for me… I couldn’t work long with a computer if I wouldn’t have rest for arms & elbows… also that mousepad has vitally important wrist rest made out of some sort of a gel that stays cool.

Computer case and fans are designed for silence and the computer is barely audible when on. That lamp is mainly on when I need to draw with pen & paper but I left it on for the photo.

System specs are nothing fancy:

AMD Athlon 64 3200+
2 GB DDR PC3200 memory
NVidia Geforce 7600 GS 256MB
80 + 250 GB hard drives (+external 80GB USB hard drive)
Nokia 446Xpro 19" CRT monitor

ebow3d - what tablet is that, is it good, and do you like it?
ergonomics wise, I like the pic above the best so far. (would make a nice rendering challenge…)

Pics to follow…

iMac 1.8 G5 1GB Ram, geforce FX Ultra 5200 64mb and 160 GB SATA HD (OS X 10.3.9) (Family Computer)

Athlon XP 2400+ 768 MB Ram TNT2 32 mb vid, 40 GB IDE HD (Win XP Pro) (Just in case I need windoze)
Athlon XP 2200+ 768 MB Ram Geforce MX 4000 128 MB vid, 200 GB IDE HD (Mandriva Linux 2007 spring) (Main server and workstation)
Toshiba Satellite Celeron 700 192 MB Ram clunker nasty laptop (Win2K)
PIII 500 [email protected] 256 MB Ram Mandriva 2007 ONE (not plugged in)
PIII 733 320 MB ram 40 GB IDE HD Ubuntu Feisty Fawn. (going to give to mother-in-law)

My wife hates the fact that I have more than one.

Behold the cave of blenderer…

I WANNA SEE @ndy’s booth!!!

well yea this is where it goes downnnn… i really dont give a f*** about f***** system specs just as long as it runs itunes, blender, and firefox.





edit: oh that isn’t the whole desktop…i accidentally cropped too much and im too lazy to fire up gimp again.

Wait…you can’t say fucking on BA anymore?

Edit: never mind. I’ll post my workspace soon so I don’t waste this post :stuck_out_tongue:

no…i just censored it myself…
here is your wondering

Haha, cat damage ( I call it quad damage :slight_smile: ). My chair is the same way.

Looks like a fun corner of the house…guitars, computers, and kitty cats.

Ok, I’ll play, particularly since I happen to have a picture handy:

The iMac is a 20 inch Core Duo with 2gig of ram, plus a second monitor. Apple wireless keyboard and wireless Mighty Mouse. Under the mouse pad you might be able to see my 4x6 Graphire graphics tablet. Ok, maybe not, but you can probably see the white pen and mouse.

You might also notice the enormous Wacom tablet taking up most of the picture. Yes, the “big” Wacom tablet is really, really big, so big that I have to put the keyboard on top of it and use the software to disable the top few inches of the tablet surface, which, by the way, works fine.

Why do I have such a big tablet? Well, it’s not because of my artistic skills! :slight_smile:

Actually, I’ve been having some neurological problems for a few years now, and fine motor control is sometimes a problem for me. So when I decided to upgrade to an Intuos tablet and was trying to figure out which one I should get, I reasoned that the bigger the tablet, the easier it would be for me to use. So… I bought the big one. (Expensive, but not crushingly so, and besides, I got it at a slight academic discount.)

So for all of the amazingly talented artists here… please don’t be jealous! If my body was cooperating with me a little more, I would have preferred to get the 6x11 tablet! Instead, now I need a new table, too… :slight_smile: I will say, though, that the Intuos is definitely much nicer than the Graphire, at any size, and I recommend it to anybody interested in buying a tablet.



wallpaper + that pc = your parents bought you a pretty damn nice christmas present

lol, yeah, 18th birthday present actually, I just bought the chassis with dog-sitting money.:slight_smile: I love my Antec case with the 200mm fan on top.:eek: The wallpaper has been in my room since forever…

Well this is my workstation and area. The rooms clean now but usually there is a stack of papers on either side of me.

Base System specs:
Core 2 Duo 1.8gh, 800mhz FSB
GeForce 8600GTS
Nintendo Wii (for… breaks)

Windows XP
FreeBSD 6.2 (still in the process of setting this up)

Work Area:

sooo clean… it hurts my eyes…