Post a screenshot of what your currently working on.

Here what is open in Blender right now.
It’s my Coronet project (see signature)

In Blender press Cntrl+Shift+F3
Then save the screenshot.

Post yours please!


Just started something for the Weekday Challenge:


Not anywhere near finished, but I’m working on it!


My 1st “complete” character, I’m not done with him and hes a great way to learn how things works.

Sweet, although he’s quite fat :slight_smile:

I think one day you maybe will play this I think, (FPS) That all you have to know ! :evilgrin:


a little something, not much into it(just started 3 hours ago)


ok, I just can’t resist. a tiny teaser of somethin

Whoa! That is so totally cool, Pildanovak!

I’m not working on Blender. So no screenshots :stuck_out_tongue:

Man, that’s a serious light set up going on!

edit:oops, don’t know where my screenie went.:frowning:

really cool posts happy on what`s happening !
@ pildanovak What in the earth is that :eek: ! here some of us say its Game!
I say cool short movie.
keep it coming.

I still see it…

Ha! It’s there now…
That was confusing.

I don’t see it… Sure it is there?

Look in post #3

I am working on my EZposeRIG.
I made a quick screencap of the actual working features with very low quality (i didn´t bother to configure the screencap proggy :smiley: i am in a hurry as usual) so the “screenshot” is only 3.5MiB.
Its very very low quality, but it shows you some of the features. And of course it includes nudity, as all my stuff ^^ its a female taken from makehuman rigged up.


  • full limits on the bones for realistic posing
  • easy conrols to quickly pose
  • chestcontrol
  • “spline IK spine”
  • fully made and compatible with “blender as is”

ATM. i implemented double rotation for the upper and lower arm… even the video is low quality you can see it isn´t skinned perfectly (not even close) yet. its just a working template.
The rig is strictly seperated in mechanics, deformation and conrols.
I am not quite sure yet if it will be any good for animating later…
I had FK_IK switches in already, but threw them out because i had some dead ends in the rig… i will reimplement them ASAP.
The spline IK spine can also rotate along the bones y axis but it isn´t implemented 100% yet and has some probs still…

Future plan:
Release EZPoseRig for all, maybe with a deform cage… dunnow yet, for easiest human rigging and posing… like a Poser™ within blender :smiley:
And maybe some tutorials… if i ever get time to finish the rig :smiley:

Oh, here´s the video :smiley:

…duh… I thought you posted another one :stuck_out_tongue: My Bad.

Well here is “another one”!

Nice Minifig, the head of Darth Vader looks off though.

Here is what I am working on now. Not complete (duh), trying to get the rendering to look right. 1 hour 20 minutes and forgot AAO… of course…

And contrary to what my computer says… my name is not Lisa… I didn’t install Windows on this thing so I couldn’t choose the name :stuck_out_tongue: