Post Apocalypse Trapper <UPDATE!!!>

(bmax) #1

i’ve worked on this for the past 2, 3 weeks or so, and although its not finished, id like to share it with you.
(there are artefacts - the black lines - but i dont know how to get rid of them… :frowning: )

(without artifacts, but not smoothed either…)

here’s a wire:
(front view)

(back view)

(hamy25) #2

Some nice work, the texture is nice and what(if i may ask :-? ) are you going to use him for?
An Animation or just a still?

(Detritus) #3

Good work! I think that you will get rid of the artefacts by going into Editmode with the meshes showing artefact, selecting all vertices and pressing CTRL + N (recalculate normals). I hope this solves your problem! Good luck!

(Zweistein) #4

WOW, That s VERY cool. The lees and foots are perfect. Perhaps a little bit more detail on the top. Really that s GREAT.


(BaDbOyHeRe) #5

I like it ! Is she/he an adolesent? This looks like it could be our future!

(bmax) #6

70 views and only 4 replies? :frowning: …[grumble]…

thanx for the crits people! i really appreciate it! ill post some updates soon, i just need to wait for the weekend :stuck_out_tongue: . oh, and yes, it will be animated. it was inspired by the contests on cgtalk, which are now hosted on

detritus: thanx!! its worked, no more artifacts!!
BaDbOyHeRe: he does look kinda adolescent…but i hope that aint our future!! :o

(Zweistein) #7

ahhblendermax, you wanted to model something like wasteman?? Wasteman really rules

(bmax) #8

zweistein: yep, that was my main source of inspiration, apart from wiro’s “snow trapper” pic. :smiley:

here’s an update:

(bmax) #9

no replies…? :frowning:

(Detritus) #10

Good that it worked! The new update looks cool! Maybe a couple of pockets on his jacket and a cool-looking gun at his side?
And maybe a little more detail on the enviro-mask, like ventilation-slots, buttons etc. Just my suggestions though!

(bmax) #11

thanx for the reply!
im working on it…ive already added bionic goggles and strings to hold them and the mask. i added a belt clip and im gonna put these belts on the sides of his pants instead of the rope-segments… :smiley:

thanx for all the input guys!!! 8)

EDIT: no images uploaded cause im in school now… :-?

(bmax) #12

here are some blender renders:

(bmax) #13

another update!!!:

apologies fore the cut-off bit, but thats due to the fact that lf got hung up and i was forced to make use of the reset button… :x

(VelikM) #14

Great modeling. Can’t wait to see it textured.