Post apocalyptic car short animation 2.90 + EEVEE

Based on a 1995 concept art made for argentinian movie La Sonámbula (and never used), in 2020 I decided to use my quarantine time to model it in Rhinoceros, in which I have several years of practice.
After that I “discovered” Blender and started to study and practice it, and after a month, i decided to shade, rig and animate my concept car :open_mouth: .

Modelled in Rhino 5.0.
Shading, lightning, rigging and animation made in Blender 2.90 + Rigacar
Redered with EEVEE.
No aditional compo or VFX.

It takes me about a month (I have an old i7+960M laptop), and it’s not perfect at all, but I love the results because it’s my first animation ever.
I have to improve too many things, but here it is…


WOW!!! Love this… really liked the animation and subtle moves here and there. Dust and all… Great! Hope to see model on sketchfab or something just to give it a look. Already know it is a good model.

Great work.
best to you always,

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Thanks dude!
It’s a really complex model, I modelled it thinking un static renders, a really heavy mesh, it was quite hard to animate.

Since it is my own design, I don’t think I will share the model to download, but maybe I will share here a step by step of the modeling process.


As said before the whole thing is fantastic, concept, modelling, texturing, animation, lighting.
Welcome and well done, I look forward to seeing more of your work!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!

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A very nice animation. :+1:

But why is there no sound? Sound is a very powerful medium, it would definitely add value and even more realism!

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I made it in just 3 weeks while I was learning blender, as a follow-lessons project. It needs a lot of things (music, vfx compo, etc).
But yeah, sound is a very important part of a video, I will try to add as soon as possible!

Inspiring work. Well done!

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Sound added (not the best but…)

It feels much more realistic now. Pretty nice effect, I think! :+1:

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Yeah, it’s true. It’s not perfect at all but it changes a lot!