post apocalyptic character

Heres a new project that im working on…
Once I’v finished this char i may just share this with you all, coz it really isnt going to the direction that I was aiming when i started this one :frowning:
But Im still going to finish this and see how it goes :rolleyes:

Here are the pics. C&C naturally welcome :slight_smile:

About the progress,
only hands are rigged
modelling is almost there (gonna add some stuff with him, belts, sword maby, etc…)
texturing is almost there also
and the rest is up to you :smiley:

Maybe it’s what you’re going for, but he looks pretty ‘boxy’- like a little Lego man. Give his spine a curve, narrow his hips, and bring his inner thighs closer together- it looks like he’s straddle-sitting on an invisible pipe or something. If you want his legs to be far apart, I would give him little bow-legs. Narrow the crotch, then angle his thighs outward, and let the knees bend down to the ground.

I think this can be a really great little character. I can see a bunch of them running around with outlandish weapons like Worms- but it’s all post-apocalyptic humans a-la Mad Max.

well reason why he looks so stiff, is that he’s not posed yet :slight_smile: trying to rig him later on… and yeah those pants look a bit odd, I’ll work on those too.
Thanks for crits and comments :slight_smile:

I havent got much time with this project, but I have done some upgrades…

I did some tweaking with the body of this dude and made him a blade :smiley:

Heres the blade, I call it “sharkblade” :eek: coz its shape is kinda like sharks shape :smiley:

Last update for the day

you never got enough blades :smiley:

any thoughts, crits and ideas are very welcome :slight_smile:

he looks like he was in a vice he is too wide and a little bit too thin but i like th character

i love your characters man

His face kinda reminds me of a sock, maybe he is in a sock puppet world. LOL. Who knows.

Thanks all for crits and comments :slight_smile:

I now see that lots of work has to be done…

thanks for the pointer, I really have to do some scaling and some adjustments to the model you are right…

hey thanks :smiley: Im glad my work pleases you.
what other characters have you seen that I’v done? Im curious to know, and what character do you like the best?

@3dak: thanks for crits, his face really seems to need some more work on the textures then. Coz it really isnt suppose to look like a sock :smiley:

looks really cool.

but you should try to make it a bit rounder. the armes and the body looks to squarish.

Again some small updates :o

I worked with that boxy look by puffing up his arms and chest…

Some other small upgrades also…

Im progressing quite slowly sorry :o but I just havent got much time to blend:(

Anyway more c&c and some ideas for a scene would be niiice :smiley:


Okey, now some new changes…

I’v worked around that body more, added some details and got it finally rigged, quite poorly though :frowning:

I really had problems with those belts, so I had to manually finish them after I posed the character

renders from the first pose test

I have to do again that scorpion texture, coz I really think it looks like crap…
And more work with that rigging, it really drives me crazy

any crazy thoughts, ideas and crits are welcome as always :smiley:

where have i seen that mask before?.. maybe im imagining it…anyway, i like the guy, hes got attitude .

thanks pork, dunno where you could have seen this “mask” I did it with no reference pictures what so ever, just modelled something coming from dark corners of my head :smiley:

Well though Iv been sucking infromation and all kinds of images into my head my whole life, from comics cartoons and other stuff like that, so it might look like something you know :o

And what comes to the head its really not a mask its a skull

Another test pose, a bit more action filled I would say :smiley: also some details

If anyone got some ideas for a scene I would appriciate it, because my own head is just empty right now :confused: anything at all, and I will concider it…

thanks for your time -DeaDEnD

Small try for a scene…

c&c and ideas are welcome…

Edit: little change to the ground…