Post Apocalyptic Character

Hi guys,

   I am currently working on a post apocalyptic character. His name is Zeke. Currently, I am working on the character sculpt and adding accessories. 

As for his weapons/gadgets, so far I have the following:

  1. Electrical-Nail Bat: Primitive Bat that runs off of two AA batteries. This bat can both impale and shock enemies.
  2. Communicator Device: Retro-style communicator that has a built in screen w/ speakers and GPS/HUD.

Below are some WIP screenshots. The Electrical-Nail Bat is already low poly and textured with maps.

And the Electrical-Nail Bat…around 5k tris with Normal, Diffuse, Spec and Gloss Maps.


pretty nice, man.

The electric bat needs bigger batteries to look more bad ass. Also add some dirt and grease to your characters since it is a post apocalyptic scene, they may haven’t taken a bath for a month or so, hence the dirt on their bodies.

Torn and stained clothing and grungy equipment also help set the mood.

Just updating my progress on the communicator device. I’ve exported it from Blender into Zbrush and assigned polygroups for some sculpting (mainly surface details that will be used for the normal map). I also did a quick mockup of the screen.

I finished the communicator device. This is my little answer to the Pipboy. Its a retro style communications device where Zeke can check his map/orientation, system settings and turn on/off the radio to send out an alert. Its 2k tris.

Now, before I continue my work on Zeke himself, I have one more weapon I want to make. It will be fun.

The Rubber Ducky Taser: An old, worn taser with a rubber ducky attached on the end. This conceals the weapon and looks harmless. When Zeke needs to use it all he has to do is switch it on and electricity comes out the ducks beak.

Love the humor associated with your project! It’s like a nice mix of mad max, fallout, and the ratchet and clank weapons! The character and all models look great, I particularly love the texturing on the electrified bat. Keep up the good work!

Thanks psman012. I started working on the taser grip in Blender (If anyone’s interested, I made the grip with the array modifier and the knife tool for the recessed areas). I’ll be making a base mesh for the Duck and then sculpting that in Zbrush. Here is a wire and some screenshots of my progress.

Just showing off the Bat and Communicator side by side. Some updated lighting as well.