Post Apocalyptic Christmas

Hello everyone!
Here is the image that I submitted to the Blender Cookie sleigh contest. It was my first contest ever and I won 3rd place so I am very happy :slight_smile: Made in Blender and rendered with Cycles. I hope you guys like it!

-It’s Christmas Eve 2013. The world as we know it ended in December 2012. Santa is in his atomic-proof hangar fueling up while checking his list and getting ready to take off for the few children left on the planet. Even when the world is in chaos Santa lives on!

waow ! i like it :cool:

I like it too. A really fun image with a lot of mood. Congrats on the win. :slight_smile:

I want to fly this thing.

It looks wonderful.

I really like it! You’ve managed to put a bit of humour into an otherwise bleak scenario! Very cool. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for the nice comments! I’m very happy that you like it :smiley:

good job. especially the hangar/background looks great! i also love the lighting and compositing…
is it just a glare and a blur node on the lights?

Excellent render. Looks like a volumetric spot halo on the headlights, not sure. I know nothing when it comes to cycles. It’s shameful, I know.

Thanks! It was fun to make the hangar/background For the lights yes, it’s a glare and blur node. Also have a mist/fog node which adds some volume.

Thank you! For the headlights it’s just an emission plane with blur and glare node if I remember correctly. Don’t worry you will get it :smiley: I still don’t know a lot of things.