Post Apocalyptic Petrol Station

Hey guys!

I’ve been working on this in my free time for quite a while now and its finished! Some stuff could still be done to it but I have a load of stuff of higher priority :slight_smile: Tell me what you think…


Hey i am a new don’t be annoyed if you find my comment somewhat a newbie’s.your work looks great.but the building in the background can benefit from some retouches.I suggest some normal map will be just right.The sky also seems to lack some detail.(a texture may be…)otherwise it’s awesome!!

Hehe don’t worry I’m new too :slight_smile: Any feedback is good, regardless of who it’s from… I agree with what you said about the building, and i may at some point adjust it, I just have other projects i need to get the ball rolling on. Plus it took so very long to render :smiley:


Details are impressive, and the scene is well set, it gets you in the mood of it.
One thing though I think the DOF is not suitable for this scene, it really looks like a miniature.

Great job nevertheless.

Very nice. I thought the sky (which does have some detail) was very nice since it looked like low overcast and put the rest of the scene into a darker mood. I was impressed with the detail on things like the shopping cart and the rope run around the camp.

I agree with M-Jeeli that it looks a little like a model, but am not sure what the DOF is unless it’s depth of field.

Brand newbie to the forums, but not new to art in general, and having a fun time seeing what Blender is capable of.

Love the render. Is it at-all based on Andrew Price’s recent post-apocalyptic tutorial?

Thanks for the feedback guys :slight_smile: now you have mentioned it, I know what you mean about the depth of field :slight_smile: if i pick up this project again i’ll sort it out.


Thanks :slight_smile: His tutorial inspired me to do it. The main bit of his tutorial I used was the mixing textures using cycles material nodes :slight_smile: