Post apocalyptic scene

I’ve decided to do a post apocalyptic scene for fun and also to learn more about Blender. There’s a lot of work to go but here is what I’ve done so far.

Here is the main building which I mainly used the fracture add-on and texturing to break up the building:

Here is the blocked scene so far:

Here is the reference I’m working off:

With the main building, I’m struggling to get the walls to break into very tiny pieces.

First of all, very good start! I look forward to more.

Is this an animation?

last image looks really good! is it totally 3d?

Thanks! I might use it in an animation later on but for now I’m creating the scene to learn modelling and texturing.

The last image is a reference I got off Google, I think it might be a painting…I’m not sure…lol

you certainly picked a difficult subject. you will want to use the sun / sky settings or the mist settings to achieve the atmospheric haze like in the painting.

Modron : I think compositing in some mist influenced by cloud textures from BI should do the trick. With the Z pass, of course.

Thanks for the tips Modron and swaschan, this helped improve the render a lot.

Here is the latest render with the road and the left-hand sided building added in. Also added sky texture and a sun in the background. The road still needs a lot of work.

Buildings need normal mapping desperately. And pieces of wire sticking out of the building (the wireframe),.

I like the reference image. looks like you’re going in the right direction. Just as was said above, I would add some exposed structural beams and wires.

Thanks guys,
I’ve stepped away from the reference image a bit and had a look at the tutorial provided by isyedcg above to create a building. It’s a really useful tutorial and helped make the building look more apocalyptic!
I used a building texture from CGtextures and modelled the building from a plane using the texture. I deleted the window vertices and added my own windows. I then smashed the windows using the Cell fracture add-on. I also texture painted the building to add grunge and normal map. Finally I added the ivy and distorted the buildings shape a bit.
Here is what I came up with:

I also worked on the bridge. Broke up the road and side stones and added a number of structural beams. Need to remember to incorporate structural beams to the buildings also…

Here is the latest render:

looks like a scene from the short “Ruins”

looking great. .i will also try to model a ruined city for my game in BGE. .where did you added dirt GIMP or Photoshop ?

I think you need to make up your mind on what kind of style you want to go for. Realistic or more artistic? I like the look of the other buildings, they suggest a sort of cartoony style to me which looks pretty funky. The new building on the other hand seems to go for realism.

If you go for realism I think the deformation of the building is not correct. Concrete doesn’t bend like this, the window sills and frames wouldn’t have curves. If concrete erodes it breaks apart in chunks and get’s ridges like you have on the bridge. In this case I would keep the rectangular shapes but break them apart in chunks, not bend them. You could maybe have one of the columns between the windows missing, leaving a hole in the wall.

In my opinion both stylistic options would work well for this piece, but it should be consistent.

Thanks! Lol…I don’t think it’ll end up looking that good…

I added the dirt and grunge within Blender using Texture Projection paint.

Hmm…I didn’t think about this…I was aiming mainly for realism with the background buildings just there as placeholders. You’re right about the bending of the building…it looks funny now I think about it. Thanks for the useful tip!

I tried with the procedural textures. .but didnt get the desired results :frowning:

Your result is really cool. have you ever think to do this kind of work in a 2D sofware?

Yea, procedural textures is very limited and never really give realistic results. I remember doing this not so long ago. You should try texture painting. Just UV unwrap your building and create a new image in the UV image editor (i usually choose 3000*3000). Then I go to Texture Paint mode and select the building texture from the toolbar. I then painted over my building mesh. After that I selected the grunge and dirt textures and painted over my building where I wanted dirt and textures. Lastly used the Cycles node editor to get the bump mapping straight from the painted texture.

Thanks! lol…I’m no good at drawing at all. Would have messed it up. Since I don’t really come from an artistic background, I’m using this is an opportunity to better my modelling and texturing skills.

Here is the latest render with the building looking more realistic without the bending.
I’ve also added rocks to the ground but not sure whether it fits. Looking for any CC on this. Later I will add nature elements to the ground and maybe wooden elements as from the reference.

That is cool to see your process, thanks for posting!