Post apocalyptic tank type thing...

Hi all, a few images of my latest project.

See more at my Photobucket thing -

Still some work to do - beefing up the guns, making a few things look more menacing, tidy up some geometry and textures etc… I’m also going to put it in a ‘scene’ with terrain and people and the like. Might animate it, firing guns, moving about. I’d also like to do some greenscreen work to put real people in an anim with it…

what do you think? Anything leap out as needing some work?


No, not really. This is allready a very good modell. The only thing that I think you should change is the material on the front gunbarells. The rest of the tank is dirty but the two gunbarells is perfectly clean.

Other that that, it’s great.

Briliant model - the round whit thin on top, prehaps add on of those attena things in the middle

  • if you adding real peapole you need a bit more geometry…imperfections. a dent in the blast whole. seems in the metal, verticly.

it looks lits seen it’s fare share of action but prehaps not its fair share of repares.

  • scratch’s from human boots and areas that they tried to cleen before in spection

  • practicly it looks very top heavy not something you want to take near a rocket hit incase it falls over

it’s reall a briliant modle just trying to think of ways to make it more human.