Post Apocalyptic Trapper UPDATE!!!

(bmax) #1

look and admire…or else prepare to die :stuck_out_tongue:

right click & save target as

and yes, it is a long file name… 8)

(Enzoblue) #2

Link doesn’t work using save target as or copying it…

(valarking) #3

[quote=“blendermax”]look and admire…or else prepare to die :P[quote]

Well, I tried to look but I couldn’t. So do I die now?

(S68) #4

Don’t post targa, post jpeg, they are smaller and can be viewed in all browsers.


(bmax) #5

oh fine then…here it is…

what happened was that i just got done uploading the targa, when i noticed i didnt convert it to jpg. so i figured i wouldnt bother myself uploading the damn jpg…[/img]

(Detritus) #6

Nice! Suggestions: Skin could look like it was having a rash (maybe download pic of rotten meat at And cloth could be really dirty and torn (take a look at the previously mentioned website, I think it rocks). But modelling is really good!

(bmax) #7

i have proper textures for the model, but theyre not quite done…

(Hexa-dB) #8

I want his boots! :smiley:
They look a bit like these Swear boots: