Post apocalyptic

With a little free time I created a fairly basic scene this morning. It’s only in the internal engine to save some time though I would love to render the same scene in cycles a little later in the week when I’m not so busy. I’d love any criticism or things I could do better in the scene before I waste an hour+ rendering in cycles so please let me know if you spot anything.

Very nice! The only thing is I feel it needs a focus in the spotlight, like a toxic waste barrel or something. Great job! :slight_smile:

Hm, because you asked for C&C. Honestly, there isn’t much to see here and therefore not much to say. Everything is very dark and blurry. Nothing to catch the viewers eye. I wonder if that’s only me?

It looks promising, though. You seem to have done some serious texture work. It would be nice if you shed some additional light on these :slight_smile:

I see what you meant about it not having a central focus in the original. I’ve added a trashcan fire and a homeless man to the scene and removed the extra scene fog. I’ve rendered two different versions. One with particles on and one without. Do the particles help the scene or do they just look like un-rendered pixels?
Picture 1, without particles.

Picture 2, with particles.