Post-effects in Rendered viewport mode (Cycles)?

Dear All,

I happen to have a rather fast setup and would like to see things like glow (blur) post-effect in the viewport while in Rendered viewport mode (Cycles). Is that possible?
If not, are there any plans to implement such feature?

Well when the new improved compositor enters trunk I guess you will be able to watch realtime 3D comps. Otherwise you would have to place a bit of virtual ground glass infront of your camera and get cycles to render the blur that way :wink:

Thanks for the info. I’ll have my fingers crossed ;-)). For now I’ll try the ‘workaround’ you suggest (probably constrain the glass to the camera) and see how much ‘blood’ it may suck out of my system ;-).

Last time a I made a lens effect, trying to make lens flares, all I did was make a focusedd hot spot and it took an hour to render!

Yeah, it’s working, but not quite the way I want. I definitely need to mix the blurred image with the original. Of course, I can do it in the compositor (using object index), but the composite node does not work for the viewport (probably because it is not Cycles-driven).
I just wonder if Cycles could be used for post-effects as well in future?